Rags to Riches

Whats On Joker Jackpot 2019 10 16

Joker Jackpot

Introducing – a new take on an old game…

Join us for Rags to Riches, our very own Rag and Famish Joker Jackpot! Come down and collect your ticket every Wednesday between 6 & 7pm, free with every drink purchase! Each ticket will get you one step closer to your chance at finding the Joker and walking out flush with cash!

The rules are simple – one contestant is drawn every week for the chance to flip a card and find the Joker. The prize pool starts at $500, with $100 thrown in the pot for every week the Joker stays hidden!

Don’t despair if the joker doesn’t come out to play – there are other great prizes to be won every week, including bar tabs, beer merch and much more! There’s never a bad week to flip card – so come on down in your rags, and get ready to leave with the riches!